Things to do in your thirties

Published: 06th March 2009
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Life creeps up on you sometimes and takes you by surprise. One minute you are running around the school playground playing 'tig-you-are-it' and the next minute you find yourself weighed down with responsibilities; a mortgage, family, serious work commitments

How did this happen so quickly and without you noticing? Is that all there is; life, the universe and everything? Well actually no - because life, as they tell you, is what you make it. So, if you have reached your thirties and already feel that you are in a rut, it is definitely time to take the bull by the horns and guide it to some fun and frivolity.

When you are buying 30th birthday gifts, take into account the way the birthday person may be feeling and really go overboard in finding something really special that will lighten the heart of the responsible 30 year old. Just look at it from their point of view. A 30th birthday is a landmark for many people, indicating a time to start taking life seriously, stop being self-indulgent - if they haven't done so already. It can be a terrible blow to some people who wake up one morning to find that they are no longer in their 20s with all that that entails. So 30th birthday gifts need to be fun, light hearted, as well as memorable for the recipient

One sure fire way to get them in the birthday mood is to give a personalised bottle of bubbly with your own message on the label as a 30th birthday gift. Make the message quirky and they are bound to smile, watch the champagne cork shoot across the room and you know that the party has started. Once the celebrations are over, then is the time for the birthday person to get reflective, ask all those questions that we torture ourselves with from time to time like ' what have I done with my life?', 'where did time go?' 'does anyone really care?' and other such philosophical thoughts. For these occasions a particularly apt 30th birthday gift would be a bottle of 30 year old Armagnac brandy with personalised label, a very grown up way to lift the spirit.

It really shows that you have gone to a lot of thought and trouble to match up 30th birthday gifts to the recipients when you give an Experience Day. All you need to do is think about what the birthday person's hobby or interest is and you have it nailed. Chocolate is always a winner with the girls (and men for that matter). I can't imagine anyone who finds chocolate delicious, who would not revel with excitement at the prospect of attending a chocolate making workshop, learning the skills of the chocolatier and actually producing something splendid and edible to boot. As a 30th birthday gift this is ideal, as it says that you are mature enough to handle the responsibility of trying not to stuff your face whilst being creative with chocolate, and on the other hand saying that you are never too grown up to play with chocolate anyway. Give this 30th birthday gift and then put it on your wish list for your own special occasion. Is chocolate not their thing? What are the chances of that? Well, maybe a session in a recording studio can make the recipient feel youthful again. It's never too late to bring out a hit single these days. Look at the wrinklies that are still going strong in the music biz. A recording studio taster let's you put a vocal track over some instrumentals, as well as having a go at mixing the sound. How cool is that? Play at being a rock star and kick start the imagination with a dream of the fame and fortune, all created with this coveted 30th birthday gift.

That's the thing with being 30. You know you are getting older, expected to be more responsible and a well behaved member of society, but you still get that urge to be a little bit wild and crazy every so often. And nobody is going to stop you if you want to do something exhilarating like bungee jumping. What a 30th birthday gift that is. Along with an instructive briefing session, you get to drop 160 feet, attached to an itsy bitsy piece of elastic band. I'm only kidding. This is a real thrill for those of us who enjoy the scary rides at fun fairs, and definitely an ideal 30th birthday gift for someone who would rather forget how old they are.

So whether you are planning to buy 30th birthday gifts for someone wild and spontaneous or a person who is a little more cautious, remember that they all want to be 20 again. Give them the opportunity with well chosen 30th birthday gifts to be as young as they want to be, if only for a day.

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